How it works

  1. Whenever you scout an address, our system runs an address validation for you.

  2. When you send a single or bulk mailing, we'll let you know how many addresses are undeliverable (Note: sometimes all addresses will appear undeliverable at mail checkout but this is most often a result of the system having not completed the validation process in the background)

  3. We'll only send mail to deliverable addresses in a mail campaign, unless you choose to "send held mail."

How we verify addresses

Is it deliverable? Our address validation is CASS-certified by USPS for over 169 million domestic addresses to help ensure your mail gets to its final destination. However, the process of validation is not a perfect science. Users can still expect an average of 2-4% undeliverable mail with the USPS address validation process.

Is it formatted properly? Our platform ensures your addresses adhere to proper postal formatting and autocorrects them when they don't. Got some piece of information wrong? We'll automatically fix it. It's that simple.

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