Here's a bit more information about each type of Mailer Template:

Targeted Mailer Templates

These variable-data mailers are generated by the app based on the symptoms tagged for each prospect. An aerial view image of your prospect's home will be automatically generated to help draw more attention to your mailer.

  • Aerial view (if no image is available, we will populate with a symptom picture)

  • Symptom Specific message

  • Team Member-specific Signature & Phone Number

  • Business Overview

  • List of Certifications, Credentials & Ratings

  • Custom Colors & Branding

Standard Mailer Templates

Upload your own custom front and back images and use these mailers on-demand for any prospect at any time.

Contact your local print shop or a virtual design service to help you create a variety of custom template. Suggested Templates:

  • Holiday

  • Thank you 

  • We're in your neighborhood

  • Seasonal special

Need mailer design help? 

Need help designing your mailers? Let us do it for you - the first one is on us!

  • Template setup in your account

  • Editing of existing mailer templates

  • Creating new mailer template designs

  • Direct mail insights and strategies

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