To begin, Lead Scout will automatically update Lead Status based on a few actions you take.  

When you pin a home and tag a symptom, we'll mark that prospect "No Contact" until you take further action (knock the door, leave a door hanger, or send a mailer).  When you send a mailer we'll change the Lead Status to "Pending Marketing" and give you an estimated delivery date while a mailer is "In Transit."  We will also automatically update Lead Status to "Ready for Follow-up" when a mailer is delivered. 

You can always update the Lead Status manually to keep prospects moving toward JOB SOLD!  In fact, if you haven't already, tag all the homes you've sold recently so you and your team are reminded of your successes every time you look at the map!

Keep your prospects' Lead Status up-to-date so you can easily re-target them with a specific call to action. For example, send reminder mailers to all your "Job Quoted" prospects.

Get in front of your prospects early and often! 

Contact our sales team if you have questions!

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