Benefits of Lead Scout

  • Unlimited prospects on your map

  • Unlimited team members and ability to manage monthly spend

  • Monitor team lead generation activity on your dashboard or leads list

  • Send Targeted Direct Mail to Prospects1 credit per Deluxe 6x11" mailer with aerial view and variable data

  • Access to property owner data like names, phones & emails

  • Send mail in bulk

  • Data export

Start your 14-day free trial
If you haven't signed up for a Lead Scout account yet, you can start your free 14-day free trial now

What happens next?
When you sign up, you become the Team Administrator and can begin to invite team members to your account and more. Here are some next steps you can take:

  1. 📍See how many prospects you can tag on the map in an hour.  (Our record is 153! 🏆)

  2. 📩Send your first mailer (we gave you a freebie credit, so it's no cost to you - it'll arrive in ~7-10 days)!

  3. 🎨Customize your mailer to your brand

  4. 👋Invite team members to collaborate

  5. 🚀Bulk send mailers

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