Marketing is all about timing and touch points.

Sending a mailer is really just the "first handshake" with the homeowner. We recommend you take some additional actions to close the lead.

There are 3 different actions to turn that data point into a lead for your business. 

  1. Send Mailer Campaign - The highest response rate will result in sending 3 mailers every 2 weeks. Depending on the demographics, change the "Offer section" that would get the most attention. For example, in a lower income neighborhood, "Starting a $100/month" might get someone to respond. Note: The best way to resend a mailer is logging into your portal on, clicking "Leads", and then selecting the addresses that you want to resend a mailer too. 

  2. Canvass - You can canvass the house and follow up to see if the homeowner got your offer in the mail or leave a door hanger if the homeowner is not home. Lead Scout makes it easy to log the data on Lead Scout mobile app. 

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