The Lead Scout platform is built around the core idea that:

You drive past homes that need your services every day, and usually don’t do anything about it. 

The best way to get leads rolling

  1. Once you’re signed up and have the iOS app downloaded, use the map to start marking every house you see during the week that needs your services. 

  2. Send a mailer to each home as you mark it on the map.

  3. Once the mailer arrives, send more mail or send someone out to door knock.

  4. Update the statuses of the leads to track your close rate.

Get started now

Here's how to gather leads using the Lead Scout iOS app

After seeing a home that needs your services, open the Lead Scout app and:

  1. Locate the home on the map (use the search, pan across the map to locate the home, or use the Locate or Follow Me features to center your current location if you're by the home)

  2. Tap on the map to lay down a marker

  3. Tap the specific symptom that home has from the list of available issues (you can scroll through symptoms/issues)

You're done! You're on the way to closing this lead! 

What should I do next?

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